The 2022 Volvo V60 Cross County takes advantage of the current generation of vehicle engineering thanks to the new capability features included. The interior of the crossover not only has enough legroom for its passengers, but the seats provide the right amount of comfort for any passenger during a long ride

it's even possible to have more cargo room when any unused seats are folded away. In addition, they combine elements of other models' interiors, including the S60 and the XC60. Between the driver and co-pilot seats is an infotainment screen with various apps to use, including a satellite map and the ability to connect a smartphone for hands-free phone calls. The V60 Cross Country's performance has a standard 250-hp turbocharged four-cylinder with all-wheel drive that can be swapped for an even higher 455-hp plug-in-hybrid powertrain. Safety features of the vehicle include automated braking, lane-keep assist, and cruise control.

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